I want to use Serial1 and Serial2 in a sketch in Arduino IDE for a Raspberry pi pico. My goal is to communicate from the pico with two other Arduino boards.

I use Arduino 1.8.9 and the official board for Raspberry Pi Pico: "Arduino Mbed OS RP2040 Boards by Arduino version 2.1.0"

Serial2 does not seem to be configured. When I compile

    #include <Arduino.h>
    void setup() {

    void loop(){}

I get: "undefined reference to '_UART2_'".

I found some documents (not rpi pico specific) that state you can define a second UART like this:

    #include "wiring_private.h"
    Uart mySerial (&sercom3, 1, 0, SERCOM_RX_PAD_1, UART_TX_PAD_0); // Create the new UART instance assigning it to pin 1 and 0

But that throws " 'Uart' does not name a type; did you mean 'sqrt'?"

Does anyone have an example of how to use Serial1 and Serial2 (2 serial communications to two other boards) on a Raspberry Pi Pico using Arduino-IDE?

Thanks a lot!


I found the solution after reading https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-mbed/issues/210#issuecomment-849502556.

Although the proposed code did not compile as it was shown there.

UART Serial2(8, 9);  // did not compile

What worked for me was:

UART Serial2(8, 9, 0, 0);

Full code:

#include <Arduino.h>

UART Serial2(8, 9, 0, 0);

void setup() {
  // ...
  Serial2.write("hello world");

void loop {}

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