I have an Arduino MKR Zero with an UDA1334 I2S module, alongside 2 Speakers and I am trying to play Stereo sound. So far everything seems to work well, connections are also properly done, and i can play wav files. But i also want to be able to play sound either on the right channel only or sometimes only on the left channel. I tried to use audacity to make sounds only on the right channel for example, but when i play the .wav file, i still get the sound on both speakers. How can i fix this please? Is there any syntax to play sound only on the right channel? Thank you.

PS. TestR.wav is a only on the right channel.

#include <SD.h>
#include <ArduinoSound.h> 

const char filename[] = "testR.wav";
SDWaveFile waveFile;

void setup() {
   while (!Serial){;};

   Serial.print("Initializing SD card...");
   if (!SD.begin(28)) {
    Serial.println("SD card initialization failed!");
  Serial.println("SD card is valid.");
  waveFile = SDWaveFile(filename);   // create a SDWaveFile
//  Serial.println(typeof(waveFile));
 if (!waveFile) {
    Serial.println("wave file is invalid!");
    while (1); // do nothing

// print out some info. about the wave file
Serial.print("Bits per sample = ");
long channels = waveFile.channels();
Serial.print("Channels = ");
long sampleRate = waveFile.sampleRate();
Serial.print("Sample rate = ");
Serial.println(" Hz");
long duration = waveFile.duration();
Serial.print("Duration = ");
Serial.println(" seconds");


 if (!AudioOutI2S.canPlay(waveFile)) {
    Serial.println("unable to play wave file using I2S!");
    while (1); // do nothing
 Serial.println("starting playback");

void loop() {
  if (!AudioOutI2S.isPlaying()) {
    Serial.println("playback stopped");
    while (1); 
  • 1
    Can you at least, at the very minimum, post your code?
    – Swedgin
    Commented Jun 7, 2021 at 8:26
  • 2
    Sure, there you go! @Swedgin.
    – Mr. Chin
    Commented Jun 7, 2021 at 10:45
  • I went throught that library and I doens't seem like there is functionality to do what you want. channels() returns hardcoded 2 lol (I think that's the left and right channel). You'll have to write your own function to split the two. I don't know how SDWaveFile looks like (how the data is presented), so can't help you with that.
    – Swedgin
    Commented Jun 7, 2021 at 15:21
  • Thank you @Swedgin
    – Mr. Chin
    Commented Jun 8, 2021 at 8:15


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