I am trying to send data from 4 different Arduinos,using the HC-05 Module to a computer system, is it possible to connect this computer system to multiple HC-05 at a time, if not what bluetooth interface can I get to achieve this

Thanks in advance

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  • Like I wrote at your last question, you can add more bluetooth interfaces to your PC (for example with multiple bluetooth USB sticks). Each one can connect to one HC-05. Though they need to support slave mode. We cannot help you with finding these. We are only expert with Arduino. Though: Why do the HC-05s need to be master? – chrisl Jun 5 at 15:00
  • @chrisl the HC05 is master because it is collecting data from the Arduino and sending to my system(slave), I am working on a project where I have sensors on each limb, and I would like to send data from each of the Arduino to my computer system – Chukwudi Ogbonna Jun 5 at 15:14
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    I think you are misunderstanding the meaning of master and slave with bluetooth. Being a master means only, that the actual connection is created by the master (the slave cannot do this). The serial data then runs asynchronously in both directions. From a project structure perspective I would let the PC be the bluetooth master. As soon as the bluetooth connections are established, it isn't relevant anymore. – chrisl Jun 5 at 15:25
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    so my PC being master would be easier to initiate connection, my question now is, would my MacBook be able to initiate this connection with multiple HC-05 – Chukwudi Ogbonna Jun 5 at 15:39