I connected arduino uno with lcd and potentiometer to display the analog value (this is the basic of my project). However the value displayed on the lcd remain 1023 eventhough i have vary the potentiometer. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Because the value should be able to read 0-1023.

Btw I am using proteus software to do the simulation and do not own any equipments as I need to do the drawing circuit and simulate it.

update: I have update the protues to 8.11 pro and arduino to 1.8.15 but the issue still be like that

ps: in the picture you can see that the value is 1023 when the pot is at 16% and the voltmeter showed 0.8V.enter image description here

enter image description here

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    why do you say that something is wrong? – jsotola Jun 4 at 3:43
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    Can you please share the complete code and also the proteus design also – Maaz Sk Jun 4 at 4:05
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    Reset the lcd cursor to 0,0 or clear the display before you print the value. And introduce a delay, so that the display actually has time to display the value, like delay(500). – chrisl Jun 4 at 5:42
  • IIRC this is the maximum value you can get, because the ADC has 10 bits. – the busybee Jun 5 at 21:11

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