Just starting with Arduino and got my first project working.

I need to expand the number of sensors used and would like to know how to physically connect the vcc and gnd of the sensors to the PCF8574?


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    Welcome to SE/Arduino! Please take the tour and read "How to Ask" to learn how this site and the other sites of the StackExchange network work. Your question is not specific to the Arduino, it is a mainly electrical issue. -- However, you simply connect all VCC together, as long as all sensors accept the same voltage. In any case you connect all GND. – the busybee May 25 at 6:38
  • i chop and splice dupont cables together (ex 1M+F, 1F+F) to make 3:1 splitters. – dandavis May 25 at 6:52
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    Use a breadboard. – StarCat May 25 at 9:59

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