I have a project which uses an IR LED and receiver to communicate with other Arduinos. I am using the Atmega328 out of the Uno, rather than the whole Arduino board and I need it to be battery-powered, so I need to use a voltage regulator to maintain 5V to the chip.

I want to avoid a linear regulator if I can, as they are inefficient, but I'm worried that the other types will cause too much noise on the output and it will interfere with the IR communication.

Should I be concerned about this or am I making a fuss about nothing, I can always use a linear one if I need to.

Thanks in advance.

  • Depends on the switching frequency of the regulator. If it coincides with the IR carrier frequency, or a multiple thereof, then possibly. – Majenko 2 days ago
  • If in doubt add some suitable filtering. – Majenko 2 days ago

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