So I am making a Smart Water Dispenser that must detect the amount of water that must be filled in an arbitrary shaped container. This is what I have thought:

  1. Installing an IR LED strip to first detect the length of the container, and then fill the water upto that height; monitoring the height using Ultrasonic Sensor. But this does not seem good enough for narrow necked water bottles as the ultrasonic sensor is quite big.
  2. I also thought of monitoring water height by directly lowering a water level measurer, into the container along with the water outlet. But the problem with this is that all the setup must be food grade since this would be drinking water.

Can anybody suggest a better method?

I do not have a vast knowledge of sensors currently. So introducing a new sensor into the play would be encouraged.

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    use a weigh scale – jsotola 2 days ago
  • Honestly I think it will be difficult to actually get a reliable reading with any sensor here. That's a general problem, when you have many different situations for a sensor to work in. It cannot be equally good in all of them. Most dispensers will just use a press plate or button for the user to control the water flow. Mostly it makes no sense to do more. I think to actually build something working you need to narrow down the container types more to actually develop a solution. – chrisl 2 days ago
  • @jsotola I am using a weigh scale. But then how can I measure the weight of water that must be filled? – Arnav Mahajan 2 days ago
  • I have used this type of sensor for something similar. It worked well enough for my case. – Fahad 2 days ago

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