I'm building an installation with a NODEMCU 1.0 where I want a servo motor (MG90S) to rotate when a file has been uploaded to a webpage.

For my first step I have used this tutorial: Build an ESP8266 Web Server – Code and Schematics (NodeMCU) .

With this code I can turn LED's on/off through a button on a webpage. For my next step I want to change the on/off button on the webpage to the upload button. Any ideas on what I have to change in the code for this?

  • The webserver on the NodeMCU is just reacting to requests. Uploading a file is also done via requests. Are you asking about the "upload file" portion or about the servo portion? That are totally different things and very loosely related. Have you searched for the "upload file" portion? I'm sure there are examples for that available on the web – chrisl May 3 at 18:49

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