I seen a video on a instapration device using a e ink screen and a nano, i has the quotes in a array how do I randomize the quotes that show up? and I want to be able to send quotes from my phone

  • I don't want to be rude, but what have you tried for researching about this? For example: If you google something like "Arduino random" you will quickly get many results explaining how to generate random numbers on an Arduino. For your phone it depends on how you want to connect them. Via bluetooth? Wifi? USB? For all of these there is already much information out there. On this site we answer specific questions, which should not be able to be answerable with a simple link. And when you should help with your code, you would need to include it in your question (by editing it) – chrisl Apr 19 at 14:49

You can select "randomly" from your array of quotes by using the random() function to generate an index into the array.

One way to send a quote from your phone would be to create a web-page on your Nano to receive the quote. This is a rather more complex project than displaying a random quote so you should plan to get random display working first. There is more than one way to for your Nano to accept a new quote which will need you spending some time to consider which of the possibilities you prefer.

When you have more of the project planned out, you'll be able to ask more specific questions, and we, in turn, will be able to be more helpful.

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