I'm using ESP8266Ping lib inside my iot lib which hanldes Wifi connectivity and MQTT messages. Since it create its own instance called Ping when calling #include <ESP8266Ping.h>- it had to be place in iot.cpp.

I writing another library, IPmonitor which checks clients on the network (using pings), I wanted to use ESP8266Ping again.

My sketch file, create an instance of iot and IPmonitor for check/ log errors on monitored clients.

But I get error of using the same library twice.

I guess that since ESP8366Ping.h library is defined it creates an instance of the class ( see mark below ):

class PingClass {

    bool ping(IPAddress dest,   byte count = 5);
    bool ping(const char* host, byte count = 5);

    int averageTime();

    static void _ping_sent_cb(void *opt, void *pdata);
    static void _ping_recv_cb(void *opt, void *pdata);

    IPAddress _dest;
    ping_option _options;

    static byte _expected_count, _errors, _success;
    static int _avg_time;

#include "ESP8266Ping.impl.h"
PingClass Ping;                     // <----- This


How can it be solved ?


With that library... you can't. All the code is in one big monolithic .h file. As you well know by now that is a big no-no. The author should be given a big slap on the wrists.

The closest you could do without re-writing the whole library is to just copy the class definition from the outer .h file and create an extern to the existing object - maybe make your own copy of the ESP8266Ping.h file without the #include "ESP8266Ping.impl.h" and PingClass Ping; (the latter of which you change to an extern).

  • Thank you. Since I don’t any future mishappens after lib update, I’ll probably use calling external function in ‘IPmonitor’ to call the relevant function from ‘iot’ class. And slapping – Guy . D Apr 13 at 9:19
  • @Guy.D I have submitted a pull request with the required changes. You may like to test with my fork: github.com/majenkotech/ESP8266Ping – Majenko Apr 13 at 9:28
  • Well... this is very nice of you! Cheers – Guy . D Apr 13 at 9:32

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