I am unable to load the customized Arduino sketch from one board to another through Arduino ISP or bootloader. I am able to replicate the same through ISCP pins only if the slave board is connected to the Master board through serial interface(using RESET) else, the slave board loses memory once the serial port is disconnected. I am looking to permanently load the sketch to Arduino slave for bootload testing.

Also, is it possible to power on digital pins such as D7 or D4 through serial interface ?? By default the serial interface produces output only through D13.

NOTE - I am using Arduino Uno as both Master and Slave.

Thanks in Advance.

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    since you use the words customized Arduino sketch ... can you load a regular blink sketch? – jsotola Apr 12 at 2:36
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    There is no temporarily loading of a sketch. Either the sketch is programmed on the Arduino correctly and permanently, or it is not programmed to the Arduino at all. Please show, how you have everything connected for ISP programming and Serial programming. Also show the sketch, that you want to program onto the Arduino. – chrisl Apr 12 at 6:05