Is there any way to create some AI with Arduino?. The question is just that. I would like to give some intelligent (explore the house, trigger alarms, etc) to a rover but I dont have so much expierience. Thank you

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    you mean AI? Artificial Intelligence? yes it is possible, but not with AVR arduinos. only with ARM M3 or more powerful arduinos – Juraj Apr 11 at 5:04
  • "Arduino" and "AI" are broad brushes. People have run tinyML/microML models on Unos/Nanos, although it can be an effort. "Put some intelligence" really doesn't qualify what kind of problem(s) you're trying to solve. It doesn't take much to make a rover somewhat-smart, e.g., SLAM modeling and all that, but you'll run in to memory issues almost immediately. You'd be far better off not targeting an ATmega328P board--use something with more RAM. – Dave Newton Jun 10 at 15:39

If for IA you mean just decisions based on some inputs (sensors), yes.

The main problem on that kind of applications is the memory. The Arduino has a limited quantity of flash and Ram. Really limited.

A way to improve it, is to have a Web server and use the Arduino to send the data to your server over a WiFi module.

As said, the only limit on Arduino is the memory.


It depends on your expectancy. You will definitively not be able to make something even remotely sophisticated due to the limited resources and computational power.

But for simple decision making there is a great article in the HackSpace Magazine Issue 8 for starters. On page 100 onward they describe how to teach the Arduino UNO when to turn on or off a light depending on the current ambient light. With full source code on GitHub.

You can expand on it but you will not be able to make neural networks or anything in that direction.


AI as in reading sensor data and doing something with it is certainly possible, but full on AI is not possible with just an UNO.

Full on AI requires large programs that learn and understand, mapping user inputs over a large period of time Etc.

So, in conclusion not possible with UNO, but maybe with other boards.

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