First of all I am kind of a noob working with microcontrollers, by the way I am using Arduino IDE 1.8.13

I fallowed the hookup guide to set up Arduino IDE to work with Sparkfun ESP 32 Thing board, and actually I was able to run the Arduino examples "Blink" and "Wifi" with no problem.

But my problem is when I tried to use the DHT11 sensor, I did fallowed several tutorials like this one but for my bad fortune I did not succeed, instead I was getting NaN reading from the temperature and humidity sensor, at first I thought it might had something to do with the libraries version, which I installed and uninstalled several times, including the IDE, then using those same libraries I was able to do the exact same example on an Arduino Uno microcontroller.

Then I realized I did not find any example, tutorial or document using the Sparkfun ESP32 Thing with the DHT11 sensor, since most of the examples that I found are for the generic ESP32.

Which makes me wonder, how can I know if those two components are compatible at all?

Does any one has faced something similar using ESP32 Thing with DHT11 or any another sensor?, if yes, how did you make it work or what did you do instead?

However any piece of advise is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

  • An ESP32 is an ESP32 regardless of what shape board it's soldered on to. – Majenko Apr 4 at 11:30
  • Could it be what is not compatible is the library,? DHT sensor library by Adafruit – luis_laurent Apr 4 at 11:40
  • Unlikely. The DHT11 is pretty simple and doesn't require anything special. – Majenko Apr 4 at 11:43
  • Well it requires the library that I just mentioned and the dependecy to Adafruit Unified Sensorl, however do you happen to know any site or document showing those two components working together, I wonder if sparkfun board is not very common? – luis_laurent Apr 4 at 12:10
  • There are many DHT11 libraries. Only one needs that Adafruit thing. Try using one of the simpler libraries. – Majenko Apr 4 at 12:12

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