I have made an arduino IOT that sends temperature data to thingspeak and works fine . Now I have two questions

1- In spite of active wifi connection from esp8266 toward the web , but why sometimes that is random the sensor data will not be sent to thingspeak.com ?

2- I need an android app that monitors the wifi and shows the sensor data that is collected by arduino and sent via wifi by esp8266 toward android hot spot , is any app available for this purpose?

Thanks a lot

  • question 1 cannot be answered without doing tests, only guesses can be made ... my first guess is that the data is not sent ... question 2 can be answered "probably yes" – jsotola Apr 4 at 18:31
  • it is either works fine or data will not be sent ... the two statements contradict – jsotola Apr 4 at 18:34

َAbout first question I found after AT command AT+CWJAP="network","password" it takes a while to have active and ready wifi connection , so I used a 30 seconds delay after this command and then send sensor data toward thingspeak.com , now problem is solved .

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