Short version:

1: Is it possible to run just the stepper motors (pulled out of a DVD Drive) using either a 5v 2a mobile charger or a 9v battery plugged into the Ramps 1.6 power input?

2: what could be a possible issue for "echo: busy: processing" message on pronterface. I believe its not an issue with the extruder or bed temp reading.

Long version:

A year ago I tried building a 3dprinter using some DVD stepper motors. I was using two stepper motors, two a4988 stepper motor drivers, ramps 1.6, and Arduino mega. I didn't get anything else since I was not sure if I will be able to make a functional printer properly and didn't want to pointlessly invest in the hardware. For power, I was using a power bank with 2A 5V output. The steppers were working fine as expected. I kinda dumped the project since i got an ender 3.

Recently I decided to get back to it just for fun, tho this time I was using a different power source. It was a power adapter to charge cellphones and it had the same output. However this time none of the stepper motors moved. I tried everything, i kept getting "echo:busy: processing" on pronterface every time I tried to move an axis.

Im assuming the steppers could be busted but i don't have a lot of ways to test it.

So my questions are

  1. Can i use a 9v battery to test out just the x and y axis or do i need a 12v smps?
  2. can anyone explain wat could be the possible issue for echo message. I've tried to add/remove jumper wires to the extruder and bed temp pins (t0,t1 pins), so I'm assuming this cant be the issue.
  3. If anyone has ever made a 3d printer using similar stuff, can u share your experience, and wat challenges u faced

also, sorry for sounding insanely dumb, and asking such trivial questions instead of trying them out. I'm an absolute beginner with arduinos and i live in the middle of nowhere so amazon is my only friend when i need something, better to ask here instead of waiting for a week for a mere battery :) Thanks

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    are you saying that you are trying to run a 3d printer from a 9 V battery? – jsotola Apr 1 at 13:20
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    Forget 9V batteries. Back to basics... What is the total current required by your steppers, drivers and RAMPS board? I can see the RAMPS 1.6 board can handle up to 270W and needs 12-35V. Neither of your solutions even comes close to that. – StarCat Apr 1 at 13:21

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