The pin position of Arduino mege2560 / due is not standard. I need to use the perfboard in the project and connect the DUE to it. This project is mainly to do a sampling circuit, the running speed of the whole circuit is between 10-20mhz, and the target signal to be collected is not less than 1MHz. A lot of underlying code is used in the programming process, and the whole circuit is similar to FPGA in operation, so the interference and delay become unacceptable. It seems that jumpers and DuPont wires are not the best choice. Besides being weak, they also introduce additional parasitic parameters and unexpected interference. I am not familiar with the use of drawing software and need to learn again, so it will cost a lot of time and money to draw PCB by myself. The hole spacing of the plate is 2.54mm. What should I do?

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    You think correct. When it is not fitting like a shield, you need to use wires. Either directly soldered, or with plugs like Dupont. Why not just do it? – chrisl Mar 31 at 11:32
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    Can't you use a Mega Prototype Shield? Or use other dev board with ATmega2560? – Juraj Mar 31 at 12:16
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    What's a "universal" board? – Majenko Mar 31 at 13:53
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    @gailulun "pad-per-hole perfboard", which is somewhat assumed by default in "perfboard". To get objectively useful answers you're going to need to say more about your requirements or preferences at least. – timemage Apr 3 at 13:13
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    You need at least 8 samples to get a good resembling of of each period. Hence, you need something that can do processing 8MHz signal easily. I doubt you can do that with a Mega. If you want to do a custom board that piggy back like a shield, you better off design your own Mega board. You know, Arduino board practically just exposes most of the IO pins from the microcontroller directly to the dupont headers. You just need to add power supply circuitry and a programming port such as ISP then your custom board is pretty much arduino compatible. – SimonVu14 Apr 5 at 15:58

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