Im using a Arduino Mega 2560, and I tried to connect a us-100 ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement.

I connected it as shown in the image connection

The code I used was:

const int trigger=6;
const int echo=7;
float distance;
void setup(){
void loop(){
// Trigger US-100 to start measurement
// Set up trigger
// Start Measurement
// Acquire and convert to mtrs
// send result to UART

But It won't work, as in the only output i get is 0.00 cm as shown in the image sm

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong(also, i tried putting two probes between the vcc and one of the gnd pins, and a resistance was shown.This should mean the sensor isn't broken.yes?)? this is my first time using arduino and I greatly appreciate help to fix this.

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  • To get the result in cm, multiply distance only by 0.01657 ;) – user7097 Feb 2 '15 at 19:24
  • Try sending the value of pulse in via serial to see if that is returning the right value. – Anonymous Penguin Feb 3 '15 at 0:25
  • People can answer your questions much more quickly if you add a direct link to the datasheet in your question. – David Cary Feb 3 '15 at 14:47
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Have you removed the "Serial Data Mode" shunt to put the device in "Pulse Width Mode"?

On the other hand, perhaps the "Serial Data Mode" would actually work better for your application?

Where I work, we have a coding style that strongly encourages all "magic numbers" to be documented with a link to the website it came from or a reference to the book and page it came from.

Would something like this work for you?:

void loop(){
    // Trigger US-100 to start measurement
    // at least 50 us high, then set it low,
    // as recommended by
    // https://www.bananarobotics.com/shop/US-100-Ultrasonic-Distance-Sensor-Module
    // Acquire
    unsigned long echo_microseconds = pulseIn(echo,HIGH);
    // debugging
    serial.println( echo_microseconds );
    Serial.println(F(" microseconds"));
    // conversion factor from
    // https://www.bananarobotics.com/shop/US-100-Ultrasonic-Distance-Sensor-Module
    unsigned long distance_mm = echo_microseconds * 34 / 100 / 2;
    Serial.println(F(" mm"));

It might be easier to use the Ping library as described at Arduino-Info: UltraSonic Distance Measurement.

You might find the Arduino Forum: Measuring Distances with Ultrasonic Sensors thread educational.

  • I tried all the above ways you said. None of the works. :/ I tried both serial data mode and PWM. – Vihanga Gamage Feb 5 '15 at 13:51

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