Yesterday i downloaded the new version of the IDE to take advantage of all the new features, but it just won't open. I tried installing it to different paths, different PC's, i deleted the package_index.json and the cache folder, but nothing. It stucks in the opening screen (see image below), any other ideas?enter image description here

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    Run it from the command line and see what errors you get? Maybe raise an issue on the github repo. It's beta software. Don't expect it to work, and if you want to use it, be prepared to debug it.
    – Majenko
    Mar 17, 2021 at 12:16
  • I've used v1.9 beta for 2 years; it has been stable and lots faster than 1.8 which was miserably slow to launch (macOS). 2.0 beta is described as "Experimental Software". Based on that, and your experience, I'd probably call it 2.0 alpha. But, yeah, if it's not a released version, somebody doesn't feel it's ready for prime time.
    – JRobert
    Mar 17, 2021 at 13:15
  • Arduino IDE 2.0 is a very slow start up. How long did you wait? I've since uninstalled it. I recall the start up splash screen being there at least a minute, which is longer than most people would normally wait for a splash screen.
    – lurker
    Apr 23, 2021 at 21:08
  • FWIW, I'm running Beta 7 on a 2019 MBP w/ 16G and it's ready to go in about 7 sec, and that's w/ a hefty suite of Docker microservices running and RubyMine and DataGrip in the throes of a large project. Jun 7, 2021 at 13:08

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I have a very slow internet connection and the Arduino IDE seems to depend a lot on it. When I launch it, I shut down internet and it opens in a breeze.

  • About the only time arduino-cli cares about your connection is when you're downloading new board definitions or libraries.
    – timemage
    Apr 23, 2021 at 11:52
  • Perhaps you meant "and the Arduino IDE 2.0 seems to depend a lot on it." ?
    – timemage
    Apr 23, 2021 at 12:28
  • Noted. I guessed it was the cli the one blocking it from the notification pop-up you get when you start it offline.
    – Lazt Omen
    Apr 23, 2021 at 20:23

I am posting to stipulate that even for an above recommended PC spec, its still very slow.

IDE 2.0.0-BETA.7 - Takes 2 seconds to the splash screen, and then 22 more seconds start up fully ie accept input on editor/menubar.

I am running this off a PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD, PC uses a fibre internet connection (1Gb/s) with 2.5 Gb/s LAN, AMD 3900x CPU, with 64GB of RAM. So I definitely satisfied the minimum specs.

I presume these loads times are due to the IDE doing some kind of file searching, or maybe some internet compare for updates ?

Anyone found out yet how to speed it up ?

  • The system isn't really designed for a back and forth between answers. In other words, it's not set up for or intended to be a forum. So the question at the end is the sort of thing you kind of have to go about by voting up the posted question or posting your own question or if you're around for a while getting some rep and putting a bounty on it.
    – timemage
    Jun 7, 2021 at 12:05
  • Really its not a forum ? This is the reason I haven't used this site for years, why are there so many people waiting to jump on anything you do here, either telling you about pedantic rules, joyfully telling you you're not conforming, or generally being sarcastic. What is so wrong with what I've done here ? Does it matter that much ? If you want to make this site better, kick off the hundreds of rude, patronizing zeros that frequent the site, telling people their question is a duplicate when its clearly not etc Jun 9, 2021 at 6:20
  • If I were being mean I'd vote your answer down. If I wanted you to run into real meanness, I'd not tell you how the site works. As it is, I voted your answer up and left you a note that your question is best asked as a question. Yup, I'm a real bastard.
    – timemage
    Jun 9, 2021 at 12:47

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