I have a teensy 4.1, and I am trying to install NUTTX the Real Time Operating System ( RTOS ). Teensy is a supported platform. I am trying install nuttx compiled from source, and upload it using the teensy loader program. my current issue is that the hex file is too large. the file size is 229Kb, which shouldn't be an issue where the flash size for a teensy 4.1 is 8MB.

I have been following the steps on these websites: this one where Nuttx is installed on a teensy 3, and the documentation for nuttx on their website

any tips or recommendations to install nuttx on a teensy 4.1 would be greatly appreciated.

nutt.hex file too large


OK, so I pressed the reset button and the teensy loader program reset, and reloaded the hex file. Now it lists as I would expect it to, using 1% of the flash space. and uploads without error. enter image description here

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