Hi I'm trying to build a self balancing robot using my esp32 cam, but so far I haven't been able to setup my mpu6050 with it.I'm using the adafruit libraries with the given example sketches. The only thing I've done different is using two different SDA , SCL pins. So to get that done in the software I have made the following change to the Adafruit_I2CDevice.cpp file, where the TwoWire.begin() happens.


This is the tutorial I'm following, Click Here

So Far this is What the Serial Monitor shows me

Adafruit MPU6050 test!
Failed to find MPU6050 chip

Any help to get my ESP32 to work with the MPU6050 is highly appreciated.

Also note I managed to read the bare values from the MPU using only the Wire.h library.The reson I want to use the Adafruit library is because it makes use of the DMP on the MPU6050.


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