I have been looking at the Arduino TFT Library and it supports all the bits and pieces for making a simple display, but I am looking for something a little higher level that has primitive dialog box and button capability, and presumably, the ability to layer the display so I can push and pop display elements. Is there a higher level GUI library for Arduino TFT displays?


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Take a look at this library. Will this do all that you want?


I have not tried it yet but I would like to.


I just remembered this https://github.com/ImpulseAdventure/GUIslice https://github.com/ImpulseAdventure/GUIslice/wiki

A lightweight GUI framework for embedded displays

The library supports creation of multiple pages of buttons, text, images, checkboxes, sliders and other graphics primitives. New UI / widget types can be created easily.

It works with many existing TFT libraries. There also is a drag & drop builder application. https://github.com/ImpulseAdventure/GUIslice-Builder

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