I have a Digistump's ATtiny85 (probably a clone ), which fails uploading any sketch, saying: Warning: device with unknown new version of Micronucleus detected. This tool doesn't know how to upload to this new device. Updates may be available. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and Arduino IDE 1.8.13.

I used these guides:

  1. Digistump's troubleshooting for linux

  2. Kovo's blog

After using these guides, finally I stop getting this error, but when trying to upload the firmware ( last line at Kovo's ), I get this error:

`guy@desktop:~/tmp/micronucleus/upgrade$ ~/.arduino15/packages/digistump/tools/micronucleus/2.0a4/launcher -cdigispark  --timeout 60 -Uflash:w:~/tmp/micronucleus/upgrade/t85_default.hex:i
Running Digispark Uploader...
Plug in device now... (will timeout in 60 seconds)
> Please plug in the device (will time out in 60 seconds) ... 
> Device is found!
connecting: 16% complete
connecting: 22% complete
connecting: 28% complete
connecting: 33% complete
> Device has firmware version 2.4
> Device signature: 0x1e930b 
> Available space for user applications: 6522 bytes
> Suggested sleep time between sending pages: 7ms
> Whole page count: 102  page size: 64
> Erase function sleep duration: 714ms
parsing: 50% complete
> Program file is 1594 bytes too big for the bootloader!

Did someone encounter this ?


from Daves Comment

need to download upgrade-t85.hex (which is not t85_default.hex) from link

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