I need to build an attendance and automatic door with RFID. I am using Arduino UNO and ESP8266 . I can build the project with writing the authorised cards by hand. But I want to create a server and database which is sql. And I want to read the card's id and than check the database it is authorised or not. Can I do this by JSON, if yes how ? Or do you have any ideas ır suggestions?

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    JSON is just a way of representing objects in a textual way. You're on about writing web software (PHP?) which has nothing at all to do with Arduino. – Majenko Mar 1 at 21:08
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    It's unclear what you're asking. There are any number of ways this could be implemented, including having a local, simplistic "database" populated from the "outside" via a simple server on the ESP32. If you want to have the ESP32 talk to a server there are hundreds, even thousands, of ways this could be implemented. – Dave Newton Mar 1 at 21:18
  • If that is all, that you currently have as a project plan, you really should first finish the project design, before thinking about data formats. What server do you want to create? Webserver? Database server? On the ESP or somewhere else? How should the communication work? Websockets? HTTP Webrequests? Will the ESP be the server or the client? When the overall project plan is finished, you can think of how to implement that and then about the dataformats to use for the communiation (like json, plain text, ...) – chrisl Mar 1 at 22:54