I need some help with my ideas please, I have a smart home system and I am trying to control the Philips hue light but without the bridge. I want to do that by XBee S1 + FURTHER ESP 32. so, who did that or have any ideas about how that can possible. Any links, Videos, tutorials will be greater. thanks all.

  • do Phillips Hue lights use XBee modules for communication?
    – jsotola
    Feb 12 at 1:34
  • For Now, I am using the bridge but I want to control them XBee to turn it off/on. the system is not in my home I am working on it. so what I want to do turn off the bridge and control the lights from the XBee , as I saw from the internet I can do that with the transport key of the light + XCTU software +xbee S1. but I am lost I don't know how to start. Feb 12 at 7:56

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