I am trying to understand how the WiFiNINA Lib is working on the Nano 33 IoT device. On the mentioned board the SAMD21G is connected to the ublox wifi module via SPI and I am studying how they communicate. I am new to AT commands. So my question is, does the WiFiNINA module also use AT commands via the SPI connection? I have scanned the library to see if I can find any but without any luck. The only thing I found was some defined commands located in src/utility/wifi_spi.h but I cannot make them match any AT commands. It is like I am missing a link.

If you can guide me to some documentation on this it would be great, too.

  • no there are no AT commands. there are custom binary commands to custom firmware created by Arduino. why do you want a documentation? – Juraj Feb 1 at 17:01
  • I want to get a deeper insight in how the wifinina works. Therefore i am working inside atmel studio instead so that I can single step and debug in the code. Does your comment mean that there are a custom software on the ublox module? Can I find the source if so somewhere? – Thomas Buchhave Feb 13 at 7:28
  • github.com/arduino/nina-fw – Juraj Feb 13 at 12:19

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