Good day. Tell me an excellent library for working with a 4-digit 7-segment indicator. I am currently using #include <fDigitsSegtPin.h>

But it does not allow you to display letters, does not allow you to put dots in the right place. I think it is not flexible. I want it to be easy enough to control the indicator and have sufficient freedom to choose segments (numbers, letters, dots, dashes). I tend to use the library: "SevenSeg library".

Tell me a really good option for my goal, and so that, as always, this library does not slow down all the code

I am using an indicator of the form: enter image description here

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This one tm1637 sounds good. I was thinking to use it next time.
Edit 1:
Lately posted image suggests that it is without a separate display controller chip, then this library should work.
Edit 2:
This library specific to the SH5461AS display: Library
Include these three libraries:

#include "Segment.h"
#include "Digit.h"
#include "Display.h"

Print needs to be in the loop:

void loop() {
  d.print("1.234"); // Must be looped!

For disabling decimal points:

#define DISABLE_DP

The library's Github has very good documentation too

  • Oh yes, but it doesn't suit me, I forgot to clarify, I have an indicator like the one in the picture in the post above
    – Антон
    Jan 30, 2021 at 9:46
  • that requires a display with TM1637 IC
    – Juraj
    Jan 30, 2021 at 9:46
  • 1
    @Антон I put that in the answer because I can't initiate comments. Do we have any markings on it? Looks like 12-pin 0.56", like this
    – Qareke
    Jan 30, 2021 at 10:58
  • Yes, exactly like that
    – Антон
    Jan 30, 2021 at 15:18
  • I have SH5461AS
    – Антон
    Jan 30, 2021 at 15:20

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