Hello everyone can someone help me? I tried my Arduino sound sensor but it has a problem. When I connect VCC and GND sound detect led always working but it should work only when it detects noise. Does anybody have that kind of problem if yes how did you solve it?

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    Add your circuit scheme and sketch. – Michel Keijzers Jan 27 at 11:04
  • I just connect VCC (5V) and GND for testing my sound sensor.Also, rotate sound detect sensitivity adjust, but led always turned on. – Shushan Abovyan Jan 27 at 11:13
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    These potis are geared potis, so you can set the threshold more precisely. It can be that you have to turn the screw many times counter clockwise to set a threshold that is low enough. That can be up to 20 turns. Have you trid so many? – Peter Paul Kiefer Jan 27 at 11:58
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    Please provide a link to the specific product, that you are using. Otherwise we need to guess – chrisl Jan 27 at 12:20
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    @PeterPaulKiefer thank you very much. I turn the screw but not many times it really helps me. – Shushan Abovyan Jan 27 at 12:48

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