I'm looking for high "Refresh Rate" individually addressable LED strip. The project I have in mind will need a to rapidly changed the color of each led. The higher the resolution the strip the better. Most everything I find online is fairly low resolution so if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


  • With "resolution" you mean how many LEDs you can cram in per area? Or do you mean the typical strips with 30 LEDs/m? You can by adressable LEDs as single little boards, not build into a strip. Then you can get them together on a fairly small area. The minimal "resultion" would also be dependent on the used LEDs. Normally 5050 LEDs are used (thats a term for the size). But even this wouldn't be off topic, you still would need to define in numbers the "resolution" and refreshrate – chrisl Jan 26 at 23:04
  • what does refresh rate have to do with resolution? – jsotola Jan 26 at 23:06
  • So by resolution I mean how many led you can cram into an area. Refresh rate doesn't have anything to do with resolution. I just want an led strip that can change colors very rapidly without any issues of blending. I don't have specific numbers for anything here I just and the main thing really would be a high resolution strip. I'm trying to make a large version of one of these. amazon.com/dp/B01LS02JOU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_BqleGbWN42GEN but much more image detail. – Billathekilla Jan 27 at 0:31
  • If that is your goal, then you can do the math on that. Think about how big the fan should be and how fast it will turn. Then you can calculate how short you need to light an LED to make an individual spot with the POV display. Then you have the minimal time pause between two actions on the display (turning the LED on and off)(could be called circular resolution). That gets you the requirement of the "refresh rate". The best radial resulation is dictated by the size of your LEDs. – chrisl Jan 27 at 8:31
  • 1
    Thanks @chrisl I'm definitely going to give these a shot! I'm not sure why my question was closed as it is related to hardware I plan to use with an Arduino, but I appreciate you coming back to answer. Thanks so much! :) – Billathekilla Jan 27 at 15:31

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