I'm doing a Node MCU based project to control small leds and stuff like that the problem is i neet to take it to many places and i cannot change the network ssid and password through the Arduino IDE and flash the program all over again again all the time. furthermore my arduino IDE crashes all the time when i'm working with Node MCU so it is also unreliable. so can anyone suggest me a way to implement this feature where i can connect any kind of input device like laptop or phone or a keyboard or anything else that i can use to enter the ssid and password into the NodeMCU whenever needed.

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    The usual way... Use a web browser. github.com/tzapu/WiFiManager – Majenko Jan 26 at 17:02
  • what does this mean? arduino IDE crashes – jsotola Jan 26 at 17:31
  • have the wifi timeout and fall-back to AP mode, where it presents a config portal. – dandavis Jan 26 at 18:16
  • @jsotola sometimes when i try to upload my code to NodeMCU my keyboard and mouse get disconnected while the upload is happening and get back to normal after the code upload is done. this also happens when i open serial monitor to communicate with the NodeMCU, so sometime my keyboard and mouse stay disconnected then i have to completely power off my PC ad turn it back on. – rohithrathod banoth Jan 27 at 1:40

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