Is there a package similar to esp8266 WifiManager that supports wifi configuration for Arduino mkr1000? I have searched everywhere and I got nothing


I'll release a new WiFiManager_Generic_Lite, with functionality similar to WiFiManager_NINA_Lite, to provide support specifically to MKR1000 using WiFi101, as well as other generic boards (nRF52, SAMD, SAM-DUE, STM32, Teensy, AVR, etc.) using generic WiFi Shields (AT-command, WiFiNINA, etc.) within several days.

Please hold on,

The new library has just been released : WiFiManager_Generic_Lite in GitHub as well as Platform.io WiFiManager_Generic_Lite in PIO.

The following 2 examples are created specially for you to use and test

  1. MKR1000_WiFi101
  2. MKR1000_WiFi101_MQTT

Please test and post your feedback here. Post issues, certainly many with this new library, on WiFiManager_Generic_Lite issues


  • Amazing! please let me know Feb 4 at 13:40
  • 1
    Please check the just released library in the answer.
    – khoih-prog
    Feb 5 at 3:24

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