I have seen this video:

Over The Air programming Tutorial

For programming the Arduino modules via internet OTA system, so I have tried the adafruit account and don't find the AIO_KEY part on it, ( as you can see below):

enter image description here

So I like to know about other web server systems for testing this option on the Arduino module (for me is ESP8266 01!).

So please suggest some free internet website as alternative options like suggested site via above video ( adafruit).

The codes for making the esp8266 ready to accept the OTA process is accessible here.

Note: Also the https://io.adafruit.com/ server have some Problem right now:

So if possible I like to know is any safe methods exist for the interrupt and server problem situation like this (adafruit 503 error, seen below) during the Arduino OTA programming?

enter image description here


I have found the link of adafruit OTA_Key :


enter image description here


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