I recently switched computers and installed Arduino IDE, Added SAMD21 to the boards manager and installed drivers.

My sketch previously ran on my laptop with no problems. Now when I try to compile for the SAMD21 Mini, I get a 'Serial1' was not declared in this scope error.

If I try to compile it for Mega, there are no problems.

I have tried sample code with Serial1 for SAMD21 and it compiled and uploaded with no problems.

  • The samd21g serial options are more configurable than for an AVR. Much of this is left to the variant definition. So which board do you have selected?
    – timemage
    Jan 19, 2021 at 20:48
  • I selected "SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout". I got it working see below :) Jan 19, 2021 at 20:51
  • 2
    Given that you're now liable to be the only person to answer the question, you may want to just edit the question and answer to make a good read for whomever comes across it in the future. E.g. the question doesn't mention that you're not working in an .ino file.
    – timemage
    Jan 19, 2021 at 20:53

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Ahhhh, I figured it out. I had to add #include "Arduino.h" to the .cpp file.

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