I used this link to make my circuit and I used this code also but some numbers like 2,3 and 0 doesn't display correctly.(This is the error. First number is 1 second is 2 third is 3 and fourth is 0)


It looks like you have the center segment and the top left vertical segment reversed. For the image you show, if you switched the on/off states of those 2 segments, you'd see 1230.

I don't know if the problem is in your code or in your wiring. The simplest fix would be to swap the pins for those 2 segments.

  • Thanks it works. – Hasan Jan 5 at 11:20
  • You should accept my answer if it solved your problem. That is a strong norm on this site. Up-voting helpful answers is optional (once you have enough reputation for that) but also considered good form. – Duncan C Jan 5 at 12:09

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