I have been using my Nano 33 IoT for a while now and it has been behaving perfectly. All of a sudden though, I just cannot connect to WiFi. I am using the WiFi Nina library. Everything is updated to the latest version(Wifi Nina to 1.7.1 and the Wifi Nina firmware to 1.3.0). I have also tried older versions with no prevail. Any help is appreciated.

  • did it stop working, while in use, without you doing any changes? ... if you made changes and it stopped working, then that is not "all of a sudden" – jsotola Dec 12 '20 at 20:23
  • I've found that my WiFi router sometimes fails to connect to a device sometimes. A restart of your router might help. You might also verify if the signal at the location you are using your Nano 33 has a marginal WiFi signal. – jwh20 Dec 12 '20 at 21:18

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