I am currently receiving data from HC-12 modules via USB-TTL that are working in pair . But I want to receive data simultaneously from 4 Hc-12 modules to a single HC-12 module via USB-TTL.

  • so, what is your question?
    – jsotola
    Dec 12 '20 at 8:06
  • how can i connect 4 HC-12 transmitting modules to 1HC-12 receiving module Dec 12 '20 at 8:18
  • I don't really understand. Those are wireless modules, they're already "connected" as long as they are in range. What problems are you having receiving the signals ?
    – Mat
    Dec 12 '20 at 8:22
  • yes i am having problem receiving the signals. even though both the receiving and transmitting module have same channel FU and baud rate Dec 12 '20 at 9:17
  • 1

When a HC-12 is transmiting all other HC-12 in his range (using same frequency) are receiving. So if you want your transmiter to talk to one specific HC-12 then to an other and so on, you have to create a kind of "message protocol".

Let's say you have an Arduino with a HC-12 and 4 buttons and want to turn on-off 4 lights, each connected to a HC-12. You can use a binary representation, so a byte, on which each bit as a meaning.

Bit 0 -> at 1 -> turn on the light at 0 turn off

Bit 1-2 -> give the number of the HC-12

So 00000111 -> message for HC12 number 4, tell it to turn on the light. ALL HC-12 will receive the message. So each has to check the incoming byte to see if "it's for me" or nor. If you want one HC-12 to receive from many HC-12, that's the same: the message must contain the "id" of "who is sending".

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