I give some help for students working on the Cansat Contest.

I am trying to connect a RFM69 Radio Module to an Arduino Nano Every.

Nothing works : compiling the simpliest program:

#include <RH_RF69.h>

void setup() {}

void loop() {}

gives the answer:

exit status 1
Erreur de compilation pour la carte Arduino Nano Every

while everythings works on arduino M0 Feather Express or Arduino Uno.

Is there a specific problem with the Nano Every?

Thank you for your help.

Jean-Luc Ottinger

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    the BlaBla would be important here. and the link to the library, because now there is nothing to work with
    – Juraj
    Dec 11 '20 at 18:24
  • Thanks a lot for your ansmers, I have cutted the Blablabla because it seems very long for a first point of view and introduce the library problem. I will check the supported boards. But I think it will be confusing to install both the libraries for the M0 feather and the nano on the same compiler. All the students (and me) are complete beginers! It seems unusefull to work with different processors for a first try. I think I'll buy another uno. It will be easier. (I just need it for a simple reception part). The files you've shown seems indeed helpfull to check compatibility. Thanks again for y Dec 11 '20 at 20:40

The Nano Every uses an ATMega4809 processor, so it is different from most Arduino's. It could well be that it isn't supported by the Radiohead library.

The error you shortened to [BlaBlaBla...] could possibly give more information on that.

A full list of what is supported by the Radiohead library is here; you should check if the Arduino Nano Every or the ATMega4809 is on there; alternatively, all the #defines for the supported boards are in the header file.

If it turns out your board is not supported, you could ask the library's authors if they would consider supporting it, or you could use a different board (it should work with an Arduino Nano 33 IoT, I think, but please check first).


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