I want to make a project where there is a parking lot and a ir sensor which senses when a car comes and displays a message on lcd saying to insert a rfid card and then it opens a gate and there are many ir sensors in the slots to detect where there are cars and sends a message saying which slot is free.but the problem is many parts need the 5v pin but there is only one on the arduino board so i wanted to ask if any problem will occur if we connect multiple parts to one 5v pin if there will be a problem what is the work around.


You can connect multiple devices or modules to the same 5v pin, as long as it does not exceed the maximum current that the on-board 5v regulator can handled. If you are using a genuine Arduino Uno, it has a NCP1117 which has a maximum current of 1A. If you don't have a genuine Arduino Uno, check the part number and find the datasheet to find out the maximum current.


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