I have a NodeMCU ESP8266 ESP-12E and I tried uploading a file thru the SPIFFS. I am not sure why I see OTA instead of the SPIFFS?


Is there a configuration that I missed?


SPIFFS (SPI Flash File System) is also know as FS(File system) . so What you are seeing as FS is basically SPIFFS .The OTA partition on esp8266 is compulsory so you cant get rid of it .

Hope this helps

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  • Ohh Okay so that is how it is.. Thank you then! – Mark Estrada Oct 29 at 8:55
  • and why is there in Tools menu FS and not SPIFFS as n the mentioned instructable? – Juraj Oct 29 at 9:32
  • Sorry don't understand what you are asking – xbox gamer Oct 29 at 9:34
  • the question was that the menu doesn't show SPIFFS but FS and OTA. a good answer should contain why it is so. – Juraj Oct 29 at 9:45
  • 1
    So you want me to include the reason why they switched it to fs if yes I will do it soon. – xbox gamer Oct 29 at 9:52

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