I NEED a library to read hex code from an air conditioner's remote (long length signal).

IRremote library doesn't work on AC remote but it works on TV's remote control. Thanks

  • You probably need a different receiver that works at the right frequency for that remote. – Majenko Oct 27 at 22:56
  • It works on raw data receiver – Michael Wib Oct 27 at 22:59
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    It would have been nice if you'd told us that in your question. – Majenko Oct 27 at 23:02
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    I can't find a library that gives raw data in a variable forum its printed on serial monitor. Thanks – Michael Wib Oct 27 at 23:35
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    You need to tell us the make and model of the air conditioner - each manufacturer has their own protocol. – Kevin White Oct 28 at 0:14

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