I'm trying to use this board ([as shown on manufacturer's site][1]

  1. I managed connecting each one and uploading a minimal sketch.
  2. I conducted a test ( using appropriate sketch on each one and a wire between corresponding GPIOs) - that setting HIGH and LOW on ESP to light BUILTIN_LED on ATMega, when working in "Independent Mode".

So Both baords work work OK with and without each other. BUT:

  1. When uploading a generic Wifi sketch to ESP - it boots OK, seeking for Wifi, but does not connect.

  2. I'll appreciate help/ exaplnation on ESP8266+Uno mode, that they interact with each other. What does it mean (witch pins interact ) and how can Wifi can be shared.

Guy [1]: https://robotdyn.com/uno-wifi-r3-atmega328p-esp8266-32mb-flash-usb-ttl-ch340g-micro-usb.html


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