I have an issue with using two libraries together, namely SPI.h that is installed together with an Arduino and Adafruit_SSD1306.h. My code was getting stuck so I stripped it down to the bare minimum to find where the problem occurs. Here's the stripped down code:

#include <SPI.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_SSD1306.h>

//Screen Resoluttion
#define SCREEN_WIDTH 128 // OLED display width, in pixels
#define SCREEN_HEIGHT 64 // OLED display height, in pixels
#define OLED_Res A3
Adafruit_SSD1306 display(SCREEN_WIDTH, SCREEN_HEIGHT, &Wire, OLED_Res);

#define _ssPin  7

void setup()   {  
  pinMode(OLED_Res, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(_ssPin, OUTPUT);
  Serial.println("Serial set up");   
  Serial.println("SPI set up");
  Serial.println("I2C set up");
  display.begin(SSD1306_SWITCHCAPVCC, 0x3C);
  Serial.println("Screen set up");

void loop()                    
  Serial.println("Loop entered");

I am debugging the code using serial monitor. The code as it stands right now hangs after I2C initialization. If I uncomment either SPI.begin() or display.begin(...) it jumps into the loop. Which leads me to think there might be a conflict between the two libraries. Which is weird considering I haven't found a similar issue on the internet and I doubt these two libraries are rarely used.

  • You might be suffering from a lack of memory. The SSD1306 library requires a lot of memory to operate which doesn't leave much for other things.
    – Majenko
    Oct 11 '20 at 12:18
  • This is a known issue. The thing is the code doesn't run anything else. There are 1463 bytes available, plenty enough for the frame buffer + overhead. And I've run SSD1306 library with much more parallel workload in the past, and now I'm just trying to initialize an SPI library, so I highly doubt it's a memory issue. Oct 11 '20 at 12:30

I used the same code provided by you and uploaded it in the arduino uno and it was working fine for me. I am attaching the image for reference. I guess there might be some other issue image

  • Wow, maybe it's something with my hardware then.. I'll try to run it on another board, thanks for the help Oct 12 '20 at 5:18
  • Your welcome let us know if it works
    – Maaz Sk
    Oct 12 '20 at 5:25

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