I'm trying to access registers but I keep getting the "was not declared in this scope" error message. I'm currently using the STM32F1xx boards from http://dan.drown.org/stm32duino/package_STM32duino_index.json

The board package does not seam to recognize any of the registers from the reference manual, mostly trying to access the ADC registers such as 'ADC_CR2'. Does anyone know where I can find the register names which works in the Arduino IDE?

  • You probably have to include some special header. No idea what, as it's not anything related to Arduino. – Majenko Sep 28 '20 at 21:15
  • @Majenko I'm using the "stm32duino" boards, I thought it was connected to Arduino? :S – Beacon of Wierd Sep 28 '20 at 21:19
  • stm32duino is a third party package made by Roger Clark. Nothing to do with Ardiuno. Roger's the guy you need to speak to about that core - maybe through github issues if it's hosted there, or find its own forum if there is one. – Majenko Sep 28 '20 at 21:35
  • stm32duino.com – Juraj Sep 29 '20 at 5:34

you need to use something like this:

ADC1->CR2 = ... ;

note 2 things:

  • you need to use ADC1, ADC2 ... to access the registers. not just ADC.
  • you need to use arrow (->) operator to access the registers

and you may need to include the header file, something like this :

#include <stm32f030x6.h>

find the proper header file for your MCU. (it's not the same as stm32f1xx, but if proper definitions are made somewhere, it may also work)

  • For anyone else having this problem, the registers were called, surprise surprise, ”regs”, so ADC1->regs->CR2. I still would want to know if theres any easy way to see what a struct contains though, for future problems :) – Beacon of Wierd Sep 29 '20 at 8:57

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