I want to build a device to measure deceleration force when a car brakes. I am using a MPU6050 for get data and I read from it acceleration on X,Y,Z axes in m/s2 and also it gives me gyro in degrees/second. My question is how can I use these gyro values to correct acceleration? Basically when apply brake the position of the axes are changing . Also I guess I need to calculate the deviation as well if the car goes to the left or right during brake process. Any ideas, hints will be very appreciated Thank you very much

  • What exactly you want to calculate? Deceleration is indeed a negative number defined as deceleration = (velocity@begin - velocity@final)/time. – hcheung Sep 16 at 12:52
  • I accelerate to some speed for example. After that I will have a time without acceleration and when apply brake I start record values till the car is stopped. Then I want to get the speed that was when I started to brake and the distance till the car was stopped – David Sep 17 at 7:09

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