I am working in a project in order to measure spend time.

My sitution is:

  • There is a competitor that will start the game after he (or she) heard a sound (could be a sound like buzz or whistle).

  • This sound should be fired by a person, a referee (maybe using a button).

  • After hear the sound, the competitor will press some buttons near or far from him (depends on the game) as fast as possible.

  • Who press the button in less time will be the winner.

What a need:

  • I need to measure the time spend between the sound (fired by referee) and the first button.
  • The accuracy must be by milliseconds (because some buttons are near him)
  • The equipment must be near ear competitor, because he will be using a ear muff.

Those buttons are connected by wire on arduino. So, I know the exact time that button is pressed. Using millis() function, I know the pressed time for each button. Measuring the pressed button is easy, it is ok.

I would like to know, which equipament can I use to emit a sound and register the exact time that was emmited, in other words, arduino register the current millis(). If I can register the start time I know the spend time between the start and the first pressed button.

The referee equipment must be wilerless (without wired connection with arduino) and works in a far distance from arduino (maybe 50 mts).

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    You can measure the time between the buzzes with pulseIn(). The value you get are milliseconds. You can transfer it over BT or over 433 MHz modules. There should be an arduino on/in the speaker and another one in the button. One of them is the Master, the one with the reciever and the other one sends data about the state of the button. – Python Schlange Sep 14 '20 at 19:17
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    arduino.stackexchange.com/tour – Juraj Sep 15 '20 at 12:18

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