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I want to run a pretty big stepper motor for a specified number of turns, take, for instance, 25. Easy! But not for a beginner with Arduino and I'm not an electrician! Here is my purpose once again: Rotate my stepper motor for 25 rounds at the maximum speed possible. Here is a similar circuit that I found on the internet. If you ignore the potentiometer, that would be my circuit!

I think my purpose in kind of simple. But I don't know anything about the code. I would appreciate any advice or helpful complementary code! :)

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    the code depends on the hardware ... it is unknown what hardware you have .......... – jsotola Sep 7 '20 at 2:59
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    If you can do 1 step, and you know how many steps your stepper has per rotation, then simple maths will tell you how many steps to perform. – Majenko Sep 7 '20 at 9:47

Here's a post that will get you started. It uses a Teensy 3.5, but the motor driver code will be the same. You will also need to modify the low-level driver functions to match with the actual motor driver module being used. However, if you use a Teensy 3.5 and the L298N motor driver, you should be able to use the program with little or no modifications.

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