I have a HC-05 Bluetooth module Version (+VERSION:2.0-20100601). I am using Linux Mint Rosa on an Acer laptop

Section 1 - How it's wired Wiring

HC-05       Arduino
VCC         5V
GND         GND
TX          pin 1
RX          GND via voltage divider (GND to 2k resistor{2k to HC-05 RX and a 1k resistor} 1k to pin 0)

Section 2 - Sequence to get into AT command state The sequence I use to get the BT module in AT command state

  • Unplug the Arduino Uno
  • Unplug both the RX and TX
  • Press the button on the HC-05
  • Plug in the Arduino
  • HC-05 LED flashes 1 time every 2 seconds
  • Initialize com ports via Linux terminal - sudo chmod 0777 /dev/ttyACM*
  • Upload an empty sketch
  • Plug in the HC-05 RX to Arduino pin 0, and TX to pin 1
  • Open the Serial monitor
  • Set Both NL & CR and 38400 baud

Section 3 - AT commands issued I use the following AT commands with the noted results.

AT                                  > OK
AT+ORGL                             > OK
AT+RMAAD                            > OK
AT+VERSION  +VERSION:2.0-20100601   > OK
AT+ADDR     +ADDR:98d3:b1:fd85b0    > OK
AT+NAME=Master1                     > OK
AT+UART  +UART:38400,0,0            > OK
AT+ROLE  +ROLE:0                    > OK  

NOTE:HC-05 is set to slave and it will pair (see Section 4 below)


Section 4 - Pairing I do the following to pair the HC-05 to my phone

  • Unplug the Arduino
  • Plug the Arduino back in
  • HC-05 LED flashes quickly blink/blink/blink
  • Android phone>settings>connections>Bluetooth>Scan
  • 1 device found > Master1 > pair 1234
  • Android app > Serial BT terminal>device>Master1>connected
  • Once Android app connects:
  • HC-05 LED flashes blink/blink 2 seconds then blink/blink
  • Remove the RX and TX cables from Arduino and put a jumper to connect HC-05 TX to RX (loopback)
  • Serial BT terminal>hello>send
  • Output both green and blue - which means the data was sent via RX and returned via TX.

Section 5 - change ROLE=0 (slave) to ROLE=1 (Master) I then follow the same sequence that I used previously in Section 2 to return to AT command state.

Issue the following AT commands

AT                      > OK
AT+ROLE  +ROLE:0        > OK
AT+ROLE=1               > OK

Since I changed the configuration I unpair the device on my phone. I then follow the same sequence that I previously used in Section 4 to pair the HC-05 to my phone

  • HC-05 LED flashes quickly blink/blink/blink
  • Android phone>settings>connections>Bluetooth>Scan - CAN'T FIND THE DEVICE.

If I return to AT Command mode and change AT+ROLE=0 it will Pair.

In Master mode:

  • I tried to swap the TX and RX pins - won't pair.
  • I tried to pair with the TX and RX removed from the Arduino - won't pair.
  • I tried NOT UNpairing the device on the phone but it won't communicate with it via the android app once I change it to Master (Section 5).
  • As I mentioned above if I return to AT Command mode and change AT+ROLE=0 it will Pair.

Lastly I have 2 other HC-05 modules and they all fail to pair when set to Master mode, so I'm thinking I'm missing something but can't figure out what it is.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with the same problem and anyone who can determine what I'm doing incorrectly.

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You might have already solved your problem, but I just wanted to say that a HC-05 Blueooth module will only connect to a phone when it is in slave mode. The phone acts like a master, and therefore, it can't connect to another master.


I observed that these device do very well in slave more, however, in Master mode, they only connect to themselves ( I mean other HC-05). I have sevceral slave devices ( gamepads, GPS modules, ...) that never get connected, thoug the HC-05 sees them through the INQ command, & accurately returns their address, class, signal force, and their name even. Though, I never succeeded to pair them !! As if they were designed to be used together and never tested with other slave devices !!?

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