i need to read from my ESP32/ESP8266 some SNMP V2 OID values from my home printer: it exists a library/method that can do that?

I've seen some SNMP agents, but they works only with the devie as server and not as SNMP client.

Any thoughts?

  • SNMP agents are servers. In the SNMP world, clients are called managers.
    – romkey
    Aug 18, 2020 at 14:28

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Not sure if you found it, but there I created an SNMP Manager: https://github.com/shortbloke/Arduino_SNMP_Manager

There is also an SNMP Agent: https://github.com/0neblock/Arduino_SNMP

I know this is a bit later than when you requested this info. But posting here in case it's still helpful to you or others that stumble over this question.

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