I am making a project where I need to communicate between two devices that are about 300-500 meters apart and might experience a lot of RF interference and obstacles. So I thought for initial testing the nRF24L01 modules will be good knowing that they are advertised at 500m. When I did a range test, I got only 10 meters and that too with no obstacles in between! This module seems to be the only choice I have so any suggestions on how to increase range will help immensely.


nRF24L01+ module with PCB antennae and a socket adapter board. I am using the nRFLite library and am transmitting at 2MBPS and have tried multiple channels!

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    a quick internet search reveals that you need an external antenna to achieve the communication range you require – jsotola Aug 10 '20 at 16:00
  • Not directly related to nRF24L01, but I tested ESP-01 with PCB antenna running ESP-Now protocol, with small payload of about 40 bytes. I got about 250-300m without obstacles. But if there is obstacles (even just some trees), the distance reduced significantly and external antenna would be required. – hcheung Aug 11 '20 at 2:14
  • The nRF24L01+ is only rated to about 10m. You can get modules with an additional power amplifier and antenna that boosts the range, but the standard range of a bare nRF14L01+ is only about 10m. For example, my K780 keyboard, which uses the SOC equivalent of the nRF24L01+ has in the specs "Powerful wireless connection with 10m/33ft range" – Majenko Aug 11 '20 at 9:27

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