can anyone help me..? I am using MAX30100 with arduino, and my expectation is i can to process the ADC as usual (0-1023), but I do not understand the signal processing. Has anyone used the MAX30100 here before? if so, how to process the ADC's wavelength?

  • The MAX30100 is I2C not analogue. You don't use the ADC, you use Wire.h – Majenko Aug 9 '20 at 9:52
  • So, What does that mean ? I can't find the ADC value ? Or there is another way ? – arzyan Aug 9 '20 at 10:04
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    Step one is to look around for a suitable library for that device. That will most likely do everything for you. If you can't find a library then step two is to read the datasheet and understand the device. – Majenko Aug 9 '20 at 10:05
  • I don't understand, what you mean by "signal processing". This is an I2C chip, so you need to get the data from it over I2C (with the Wire library or with a dedicated library for this chip). Once you have received the data correctly, you process that number just like any other value – chrisl Aug 9 '20 at 10:23

This device does most of the low-level processing for you. The measurements and processing to compute pulse rate and oxygenation are done on the board. You need an I2C library (the 'wire' library is one), and a MAX30100 library (there appear to be a few of them).

Here is a link to the MAX30100 datasheet which has all of the low-level detail you might ever want to know about how this chip does what it does.

There is at least one tutorial for this device; I found this one that seems to make sense to me as I read it (and I have never used this device). It tells you which MAX30100 library the author used (there are a few) and provides some sample code.

If it were me, I'd follow the tutorial (the one I linked or some other one) to get something working quickly, and use that knowledge to get your own project going. If you have questions about the device itself, you can find answers in the data sheet.

  • Well.. thx for all of you answer guys.. But, what I am actually looking for is not about using the embedded library .. I just want to learn and try to change the function of some of these sensors. the sensor produces 2 waves from the IR and RED LED. I was experimenting to find the ADC value of the two waves... so I ask here, if anyone has experimented with this MAX30100, because the library makes me confused. sorry for my bad english – arzyan Aug 9 '20 at 13:36
  • You'll need to read the datasheet to learn if and how the ADC data is even available. If it is, then look at the library code to see how they read it. – JRobert Aug 9 '20 at 15:52
  • Read the datasheet from page 12 onwards - the FIFO circular buffer stores the IR and Red LED ADC values. – Peter Feerick Aug 10 '20 at 4:18

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