have a wierd bug behavior.. i have an ATX power supply witch powers an long WS2812B 5v strip witch is controlled by the https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000766948879.html Esp 01 and the board...

NOW the bug happens only when i connect the data pin to the strip. The ESP wont start after i restart the ATX PSU. And if it does it just crashes after some time....

Here is the SPOOKY part: when i start the esp WITHOUT the pin connected and plug it in after it starts it will keeep working for days... but sometimes it just decides it will go bananas... W T F! any ideas why?????

i suspected voltage drops.. but nope. i tried a battery, a second adapter and a usb power... none helped. same behavior as soon you connect the strip and hit restart/update it goes bananas...

  • On ESPs there are some pins, that need to have a specific value during boot. As the ESP01 already has so few pins, you might have used one of them, so the connected strip might prevent the ESP from booting. I currently don't have the time, but you can google that yourself. – chrisl Jul 28 '20 at 17:40
  • That is the tx pin. this is a standard led module which uses the standard GPIO2 pin. so it should not be possible that i got that pin. Any other ideas? i ordered an other esp so cross fingers it works. – Sangoku Jul 28 '20 at 17:44
  • it's probably pulling down gpio2, preventing a normal boot. watch the voltage on that pin during startup; if not vcc, bingo. – dandavis Jul 28 '20 at 19:48
  • ye im suspecting that im missing the 500ohm resistor you should put on the data line. will update when i have it. – Sangoku Aug 1 '20 at 23:40

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